Office of Development : Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the money go?
Gifts to Hampton University support a wide range of areas including the schools/colleges, student life, libraries, and financial aid. One hundred percent of your Annual Fund donation goes directly to the area you designated for your gift.
Will I receive a receipt for my gift/pledge to Hampton?
Yes.  Official gift receipts are issued for all contributions- there is no minimum cut-off.
What are the different ways I can make my gift to Hampton?
Hampton University accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card, which you can use to make your gift via secure online giving or over the phone at 757-727-5764. To make your annual fund gift with a check, please send it to:

Office of Development
Hampton University
Hampton, Virginia  23668

Can I make a gift via electronic funds transfer?
Yes.  With your authorization, your checking account will be automatically debited in the amount you designate each month.  At any time you desire, you may change or cancel your authorization- you retain control throughout the entire process.
Can I choose where my gift goes?
Yes, the choice is yours. Although the University prefers to receive unrestricted gifts that can be applied to the most important budgetary needs, some donors prefer to specify the use of their gift.  Just let us know how you would like your gift distributed and we will direct it accordingly.
What is the matching gift program?
Matching gifts are a corporation's way of multiplying the benefits of their employees' charitable gifts. There are thousands of companies nationwide that will match an employee’s charitable contribution – often doubling or even tripling the amount of the original gift. In some cases, companies even match gifts made by retired employees. Find out if your company participates in a matching gift program by using our online database of companies that match gifts.
Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes, your gift is100% tax-deductible. Once we receive your gift, you will receive a receipt verifying that your gift has been deposited into the account you have specified.
When does Hampton University ask for support?
Hampton University’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Each year, alumni are asked to support their School or College with a gift to the annual fund. Gifts can be made on campus, over the phone, through the mail, and via the Internet.
I have not heard from Hampton recently.  Am I still in your database?
It is possible that we may not have your current contact information. Please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at or 757.727.5425 to update your record.
It seems like Hampton has a lot of money already. Will my gift make a difference?
Yes, it will! Your participation helps make outstanding programs and services available to current students. Higher participation rates enhance the University's reputation and the value of the degrees it confers. If every one of our 24,000 plus alumni donated $100, HU would have $2.30 million to spend on financial aid, student life, and facility improvements. Your gifts, along with thousands of others, make an important difference in the daily life of Hampton University students.
I already pay for my child’s tuition.  Why should I donate additional funds?
On average, the actual cost for a student to attend Hampton is far more than the cost of tuition.