Office of Development : Matching Gifts

There are thousands of companies nationwide that will match an employee’s charitable contribution- often doubling or even tripling the amount of the original gift. We encourage all donors to contact their employer's personnel or human resources department to inquire about matching gift policies and procedures.

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In some cases, companies even match gifts made by retired employees, spouses or members of the board of directors.

To initiate your matching gift, please complete your employer’s matching gift form and send it with your contribution to Hampton University's Office of Development. We will do the rest.

Matching Gift FAQ

What is a matching gift program?
Matching gifts are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. Matching gifts offer corporations a fantastic opportunity to join with their employees in a partnership which rewards, and is driven by, the employee's generosity.
How do I match my gift?
Most companies have online websites on which employees can submit their matching gift. This is done via an online submission form, or an employee can print out a matching gift form that they complete and return to HU’s office of Development. If you’re unable to find your employer’s website or matching gift form, please check with your HR department.
Does my employer's matching gift go to the same fund designation?
Yes. You designate the scholarship, program, department, or college your gift will benefit and your employers matching gift will go to the same fund.
What if I have questions?
If you have any questions, please contact our Matching Gifts Coordinator:
Ms. Donna Hawkins
Phone: 757-727-5358