Office of Development : Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts serve a dual purpose: They provide philanthropic support for Hampton while also providing both a charitable income tax deduction and an income stream to you and/or your loved ones.

These gift vehicles can provide income benefits comparable to—or in some cases exceeding—those that might be earned in non-charitable vehicles. Many donors establish life income gifts with assets that are producing a very small amount of income, such as cash or appreciated stocks that do not earn dividends.

Hampton offers four basic types of life income gifts:

A charitable gift annuity provides a fixed income for life. (Gifts of $10,000+) Information »
A charitable remainder unitrust makes payments that fluctuate with the market and therefore may provide a hedge against inflation. (Gifts of $100,000+) Information »
A charitable remainder annuity trust provides a fixed income like a gift annuity, but the tax treatment of the payout may be preferable for donors giving highly appreciated assets. (Gifts of $100,000+) Information »

The first two options are by far the most common types of life income gifts. Some donors establish life income gifts through their wills as a means of providing a life income to a loved one.